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Table Of Contents
  • Adolescent medicine

Adolescent medicine

Teenage years are both exciting and difficult in a child’s life. That’s’ why many institutions have developed adolescent care clinics to give teens the care they need. Adolescent medicine focuses on the care for patients within the adolescence period. The adolescence period starts at puberty and continues until all the body growth is complete which is the beginning of adulthood.
Adolescent medicine is categorized as pediatric and adult at the same time. The main issues addressed during adolescent by care providers include:
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Acne
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Delayed puberty
Adolescents who are either lesbian, gay, or bisexual have risky health behaviors as compared to their heterosexual teens. If not checked well they may end up in substance abuse, have bad body image, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, and many more issues. Such cases should be taken very seriously because in most cases, these teens end up getting societal backlash, which leads to the above issues.

Why adolescent medicine is important

Adolescent medicine has become a very important subspecialty because of a better understanding of the teen’s health needs and changes. It also helps in the understanding that it adolescent marks a required and important transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescent affects teens psychologically, physically, and socially which needs to be tailored. Adolescent medicine required experts from all medical sectors to address each issue within that age group. When one understands the start of adolescence on a psychological and physical level, it becomes easier to focus and understand the required research levels. On the social perspective, one needs to understand that adolescent affects teen differently on the social perspective. In some adolescents, they may become withdrawn from society while others remain active.

What does an adolescent medicine specialist focus on?

Doctors who focus on adolescent medicine complete medical histories, perform medical exams, develop treatment plans, and order diagnostic tests. They have the knowledge to treat conditions that come, such as hormonal problems and growth, developmental disorders, and any other injuries that may come up. In addition, they also sort psychological problems like eating problems, abuse, STDs, depression, and transgender issues.

What is the future of adolescent medicine?

With the understanding and the development which is coming up in the adolescent field, more challenges and also opportunities are expected. When there will be a better understanding of trends in adolescence and better understand of the trends, impacts will come into place on the health of adolescents. Vaccines for diseases such as HIV will also increase the complexity of the spectrum, and the implications will also become bigger.
The current trends in technology will also have a huge impact on the adolescent’s life and the choice to be made. In most cases, teens can check their statuses on the internet when they have something affecting their adolescent life.

What does an adolescent medicine physician do?

Adolescent medicine experts have several positions. Some dedicate their time to offering 100% critical care for patients, others concentrate on research and invention new things about adolescence, and others combine both offering care and research while others focus on program development. The clinical work for adolescents includes sexual care health, adolescent primary care, puberty disorder, school health sports medicine, juvenile justice, global health, and many more.

Career opportunities

There is a shortage of adolescent medicine experts all over the world. Adolescent medicine experts work in children hospitals, research centers, learning institutions, and as consultants in hospitals. Job opportunities for these experts include government and public health institutions, in school health institutions, in private hospitals, and many other areas such as NGOs.