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Table Of Contents
  • Clinical judgment and decision making in nursing homework help
  • Understanding clinical judgment and decision making in nursing
  • How we help nursing students?

Clinical judgment and decision making in nursing homework help

Medical causes are very hard, and they give students sleepless nights. It is very challenging for them because their practicals are as demanding as their theory work. Due to the many units, they take in a single semester, completing all assignments is a huge challenge. To solve this problem and ensure that students get better results, we decided to offer nursing assignment help in clinical judgment and decision making.
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Understanding clinical judgment and decision making in nursing

Clinical judgment is drawing the right and excellent conclusion when handling diseases or during treatment. It is the fourth concept of the PCE which is patient competence and excellence. Clinical judgment is a very important term in hospitals and for medical personnel. When making a clinical judgment, one needs to have experience and highly qualified because in the medical field every decision is important. You must remember that at any particular time that you are dealing with patients from different backgrounds. What you term right may not be taken well by a patient, and that is why you need to understand the mentality of every patient at any particular time.
In the wider health system, the role of decision-making is multidisciplinary. The skills of an experienced and advanced nurse should be used to enhance patient care, communication, and professional work that enables the patient to be comfortable at a particular center.

Purpose of clinical judgment and decision making

To have the ability to make decisions based on objective evidence to be taken or considered when treating as fast as possible. This is especially when a patient is in a critical condition or when they have psychological deterioration.
To be able to select nursing-sensitive patient outcomes, different diagnoses, and inventions to achieve certain outcomes that may improve patient outcomes.

Nursing literature on clinical judgment and decision making

Clinical judgment is using the power of the mind to think and understand reasonably so that you can make a judgment. On the other hand, decision making is the application of knowledge and critical thinking, experience, intuition applying rules of thumb and clinical reasoning, all of which affect factors such as:
  • Situational awareness – Nurses need to be aware of every situation and have the capacity to make a decision based on the seriousness of the situation.
  • Critical thinking – In critical thinking, a nurse must be able to draw and use knowledge developed in science. Using scientific knowledge is widely in decision making, especially on patient safety and making the right decision.
  • Practical issues – Situational awareness leads to the importance of practical reasoning that leads to the deliberation on the next cause of action in situations that may not be clear or uncertain. Practical reasoning also affects how findings are applied.
  • Values – Values come into our clinical judgment and decision-making as ethical reasoning. Nurses deliberate on values held by patients and others based on what is right or wrong in deciding what is best for patients at a particular time. For nurses, the reasoning is supposed to be guided by the nursing code of ethics.

How we help nursing students?

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