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Privacy policy

Nursingassignmenthelp.com values and protects your persona information. It is therefore important that you visit this section and know how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. It is important to note that we hold the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time and without informing you. It is therefore important that you frequently visit this section to familiarize yourself with any changes that may have been affected. By using our website you acknowledge that you have gone through our privacy policy and you are in agreement with all the information available in this policy. In any case, if you do not agree with any of our policies you are advised not to use the website.

How we can get information about you

There are different ways in which we can get information about you. One we get information from you by directly engaging you. When making an order we ask you to provide information about you to enable us to give you a better service. This enables us also to contact you. We also collect information about you from our partners. We have partners who work with us to ensure good service delivery. When also receive your information from third parties if you permit them to share your information with us.
The type of information we collect from you?
We collect very general information from our clients. We will never ask for private information such as your pin. We collect information such as:
Your full names
Your email address
Your country
Your Phone number
Your ZIP code/address

Why we collect this information?

To ensure that we provide uninterrupted content to you
To send you information about our products. This is in case you have a new service we inform you about it through the information we collect from you.
For legal purposes. In the recent digital era it’s important to know the customer you are working with. Therefore when entering into a contract with us we collect the information we deem useful to us for you.
For internal purposes. We conduct internal surveys of our performance and how we are faring. This can only be successful by using the information we get from you especially in knowing the number of customers we receive within a certain period.

Circumstances under which we can share your information

Your information is very important and we try to keep it as private as possible. In general, your information is only used for our internal company purposes. It is not even readily available to our employees. For one to access your information within our company, they must first get authorization from the top management. There are however circumstances under which we share your information. These circumstances may include:
  • If we must use the information to prove that we have complied with legal obligations as required by the law. This may include times of audit any other requirement which is backed by the law.
  • If the information is required by a law enforcement agency.
  • If we require to use it to enforce our terms and conditions or any other agreements between us and you.
  • If we have to share it with a third party to protect your information from theft in case of a case such as hacking or fraud.
  • To protect the right of our platform or those of our customers.

How long we use your personal information?

We will keep your personal information until:
You request our team to stop using it and delete it
We find it not useful and therefore find no reason for having it
If it is required by the law that we stop using it.

The rights of our customers

You have the right to be informed on how we collect, store, and use your personal information. That is the reason we have published this privacy policy and made it accessible to all people at all times.
You have the right to access your personal information anytime you want to and without any restrictions
You have the right to correct or update your information. We make this possible through our customer care team. Should you find that your information is inaccurate and would like to correct it you can contact our team anytime and you will get the right assistance.
You have the right to delete your information if you feel that you no longer need our services

Age limitations

Our services are available to people above the age of 13. Everyone using the website is expected to have read the terms of use and our privacy policy. Children below the age of 13 can only use the website with the help of an adult. By an adult, we mean someone above the age of 18. The guardian must also have read our policies and understood them well.


You need to note that our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer and browser to help us know your favorite service on our website. Cookies do not affect the functionality of your computer neither do they copy information from your computer. We only use cookies to know your preferences so that we can improve quality delivery to you. Cookies are however optional and therefore if you do not trust then you may choose not to accept them. In addition, if you had accepted them you can disable them. Cookies are however very important to us because they help us serve you better.

Links to third-party websites

You may find third party website links on our website. If you come across a banner that may direct you to another website you can choose to ignore it. Please note that we do not share a privacy policy with other websites. Therefore if you come across another website that is not directly linked to us it important that you read their privacy policy first before using it. We try to ensure that there are no third party links on our website. However, if you come across one either ignore it of first go through their policies. We do everything possible to ensure that your information is safe at all times.

Changes to this policy

As stated above we can change the content provided in this privacy policy at any time and without informing you. Industry standards and regulations may lead us to make these changes. All the updates and changes we make are however posted in this section and therefore you must visit and update yourself about all the changes. We insist that if you do not agree with our privacy policy or the changes we make to our policies then do not use the website and if you were a user please deactivate the account.