Refund policy

The nursing assignment help’s refund policy states the criteria by which students can be refunded. All students should read and understand this policy before making an order. By making an order we assume that you have gone through our refund policy and agreed to the policy.
  • A student will be eligible to a refund if:
  • We fail to completely deliver your work after the deadline
  • If we fail to get a tutor to work on your paper
  • If you accidentally pay twice for the same order then we will refund the extra amount of money.
  • If the student can prove that the order delivered is not what they requested.
A student will not qualify for a refund if:
  • They cancel an order 2 hours after submitting the order. This is because orders are assigned to tutor who are prep paid. Canceling an order that has already been given to a tutor to work on will not attract a refund.
  • Canceling an order that is deemed urgent. You must note that urgent orders are given to tutors immediately after the order is delivered.
  • If there is no proof that work was not done well then the student will not qualify for a refund.
  • If a student submits half of the order and it has already been completed.
  • If a student does not initiate a refund within three weeks after the completion of the order they will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If the order was either a test or a quiz we do not refund. All online tests are not liable for a refund.

Revision policy

We leave room open for revision. Therefore if the solutions send to you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund anytime. In such a case we do not charge for a revision. However, if you notice that you had sent us half an order and you would like to top up then you will be charged for the top-up. This is because we charge for each order alone.

Cancellation policy

If you place an order with us and the order is not termed as urgent then you can cancel it within two hours after making the order. You are however not allowed to cancel an urgent order and if you cancel it then you cannot initiate a refund. In cancellation, if you cancel an order and replace it with another one of the same amounts then you do not pay extra amount.

Money-back guarantee

If you initiate a refund we immediately forward the claim to our quality control department. If the team certified that indeed you should receive a refund, we then initiate re refund process. During this time we keep communicating with you mainly via email. Our refund process takes 14 days within which you should receive the money-back you the given method of payment.