Terms and Conditions

Nursingassignmenthelp.com is an educational platform for where customers can interact with writers. As an institution we are guided by our terms of work which we expect all our customers to read and understand. Should you not agree with the terms of use of this website you are advised to desist using it. By requesting our services we assume that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you will abide by the set rules and regulations.

Confidentiality of information

Transfer of information over the internet is not secure and therefore should you lose information during transmission we will not be held liable for the loss. We have put in place all the policies to ensure that information is safe in our platform and therefore any loss will not be our fault. More to that we expect that the information you share through the internet is not confidential. We only ask for general information about you and therefore we don’t expect you to send confidential information.


We provide our services without any warranty. Our services will not be liable for any damage resulting from the use or not use our website. We will not incur any losses resulting from the transfer of information or any burgs or viruses that may be transferred while sharing information. If we provide any third party links, we will not guarantee the delivery of services from third-party platforms. The third-party platforms have their terms and policies which you are expected to ready before engaging them. Note that we are not responsible for how third-party websites will collect and use your information.
More to that we do not guarantee that our services will be secure or that they will go without being uninterrupted. There are times when you have no control over the interruption. In addition, the materials contained in this website can be changed anytime and without notice.
The terms of our service are in line with the laws of India and therefore any legal notices must be in line with the laws of the governing country.


Nursingassignmenthelp.com owns all the information contained in this website include content, videos, audio, names, photographs, and any other information on the website. No one is therefore allowed to copy, share, sell, lease, publish, or sell the content without a written agreement from the management of nursingassignmenthelp.com. If by any chance you are found using, selling, sharing, or publishing information from the website without our permission you will face the law and you will incur all the costs that may arise.

Use of this website

You are only allowed to access this website on your own. Note that you cannot use it for commercial purposes. You are also not allowed to use any part of this website for illegal purposes. By this, we mean that you cannot use our website to interfere with another person’s use of the website, transferring information protected by our copyright without our knowledge, passing unlawful, harassing, threatening, or abusive information, and any other breach of the law. If you are found doing any of the above you will be held accountable and the law will take its course.

Posting information on our website

Any information you post on our website whether reviews or general information will automatically become our property. More to that you will not expect any payment for posting information on our website. In the information you post is found to have breached the law or is plagiarized you will be held responsible and you will bear the losses. In general, all the information you sent to our platform is expected to be free from third party claims. You must note that we have the right to remove information we deem not appropriate from our platform without having to notify you.


During offering our services, we expect that our customers will defend our services against any liability, claim, or loss put in place by anyone regarding the delivery of services, information shared through our platform, or the use of the software.

Unlawful activities

We have laws that govern this website. We, therefore, expect our customers to act in good faith when using this platform. If by any chance we suspect a violation of our terms and conditions we hold the right to investigate and come to a conclusion which includes taking the action we deem best to us. After the conclusion of our investigation, we can decide to suspend you or close your account. Depending on our conclusion we can also decide to engage legal services. You must note that all the costs incurred during such activities will be forwarded to you.


Nursing assignments help reserves the right to change information, website services, discontinue or suspend the website or even impose features to certain services of the website. Should we decide any of these we will try to use the available means of communication to notify you where we think it is important.
More to that from time to time we may review the website terms and conditions. For updating or changing the terms and conditions, we will notify you about the changes and therefore you must visit this website to update yourself of any changes that may have been affected. As stated above should you be in disagreement with our terms and conditions whether in part or totality you are advised not to use our services because using them you will still be under the terms you are in disagreement with.