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Human anatomy is divided into two main branches;

Microscopic anatomy – Microscopic anatomy is also known as histology. It is the study of tissues in humans, plants, and animals. Tissues are too small, and therefore, one needs a microscope to see them. A good example where microscopic anatomy is applied is on cancer patients. Through a microscope, one can look at and identify the number of cancerous cells. Scientists use microscopic anatomy for;

  • Diagnosis
  • Forensic analysis
  • Teaching
  • Archeology
  • Autopsies

Macroscopic or gross anatomy – Macroscopic anatomy is also called gross anatomy. It is the study of the structure of the body without using a microscope. It involves an examination of the large body structures that can be seen with the human eye. There are many ways to approach gross anatomy. These include;

Systemic anatomySystematic anatomy evaluates the human body by defined systems. These systems include lymphatic systems, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, reproductive, nervous, integumentary, and musculoskeletal.
Regional anatomyThe regional anatomy categorized the body based on defined parts. This includes the lower limb, upper limb, abdomen, etc.
Other methods                                                                           Other methods that are used include medical imaging, cross-section, etc.

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Nursing is very popular in the UK. It is very wide and comprehensive as well. In nursing, there are many specializations that you can opt to go with. Nursing is generally a scientific study of the health care sector that focuses on caring for individuals, families, communities, and more. Nurses are used as a support system for doctors. Because a patient is diagnosed and treated, the nurse takes care of that patient until recovery. You can therefore describe nursing as patient care. We cover all topics in nursing, including but not limited to;

  • Pharmacology: In many cases, nurses administer drugs to patients. Therefore, studying pharmacology is as essential as any other topic in nursing because you should know the best drug for every type of sickness and how the drugs should be administered.
  • Physiology: Every nurse should be able to know and understand their patient’s anatomy and physiology. You must know the different body organs, how they can be affected by diseases, and the different tissues.
  • Mental health: Mental health has become a critical issue globally. Nurses need to understand the different mental disorders and how they can be treated.
  • Nursing handover process: In nursing, handover is one of the most important things. Once you finish your shift, the incoming nurse must understand the state of every patient, whether drugs have been administered, why the next one should be administered, and more.
  • Elderly care management: Elderly care is equally important in nursing. As a nurse, you should know all the protocols that must be followed in this process.
  • Neonatal care: This is equally an important topic in nursing. Involves taking care of infants from birth to the moment they are released from hospitals. Nurses are also responsible for the vaccination of infants.
  • Legal concepts in nursing: Nursing is a very critical topic of study. Any little ignorance or negligence can lead to a lawsuit. Therefore, learning about legal lawsuits in nursing is equally important.

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Specializations in nursing

Ambulatory care nursingAmbulatory care nurses provide healthcare services to sick people in an environment that is not a hospital. That means that the services are provided where they are required. These are the nurses responsible for following treatments of patients with acute conditions and many other conditions.
Critical care nursingCritical care nurses work with patients who are critically sick and require close monitoring and close care. Their work is to closely monitor patients who are faced with possibly fatal conditions to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Dialysis nursingThese are nurses who take care of patients who require dialysis as part of treatment. They mostly take care of patients with kidney issues. Their work is to monitor the progress or signs and then administer medication and avail any support that may be required. These nurses work either in hospitals, clinics and also provide home care where required.
Neonatal nursingThese are nurses who take care of infants. These are nursing who have massive knowledge about newborns and the conditions that may affect the little ones. As a neonatal nurse, your work is to take care of infants until they leave the hospital.
Midwife nursingThese are nurses who have specialized in pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and childbirth. They take care of patients in labor to delivery and also provide after-delivery services. As much as these nurses focus on pregnancy and delivery, they also help women with general services such as preventive care.
Infection control nursingInfection control is a very critical area in nursing. Nurses who have specialized in infection control nursing work to identify and manage Infections. A good example is how infection control nurses have played and continue to play a critical role in dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Infection control nurses work in hospitals, community health centers, and clinics.
Public health nursing                                                                                                                                                                                                 Public health nurses work with communities or specific populations. Their work is to educate people on matters of health and also safety issues. They also give people access to healthcare. These nurses do not work to provide individual care to patients, and they focus on prevention. Their work is to identify potential health concerns in an area and then educate people about the same and possible ways of prevention.

There are many areas in nursing where you can specialize in. The areas mentioned above are just a few of the many areas. Other areas where you can specialize as a nurse include;

  • Clinical nursing
  • School nursing
  • Family nursing
  • Informatics nursing
  • Nursing educator
  • Mental health nursing, etc.