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  • Are You Looking for a Professional to Complete Your Nursing Course? We Got You Covered.
  • Can I Hire Someone to Take My Nursing Class Today?
  • Ethical principles of nursing

Are You Looking for a Professional to Complete Your Nursing Course? We Got You Covered.

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Are You Looking for a Professional to Complete Your Nursing Course? We Got You Covered.

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Nursing involves collaborative and autonomous care of people of all ages, groups, families, and communities. Nursing is not all about taking care of the sick, and it involves promoting health, prevention of sicknesses, and taking care of the sick, physically challenged, and critical people.

Ethical principles of nursing

While working as a nurse, there are times when you will be in situations that will affect others, including your patients, your colleagues, and even patients’ families. It is therefore essential to remember all the ethical principles that apply in this profession. Some of the ethical principles in nursing include;

Compassion and respectThis principle involves showing patients, their guardians, and families respect and compassion at all times. This involves communicating with them in the best way they understand. Good nurses also demonstrate compassion to their workmates.
Commitment to your patientsCommitment means prioritizing the needs of your patients. Therefore, when dealing with patients, you must consider their feelings, thoughts, and ideas when taking care of or treating them.
Professional autonomyIn nursing, nurses are expected to make decisions regarding a patient in an independent manner. Nurses are expected to make informed decisions at all times. Through this principle, nurses ensure that they are accountable for their own decisions.
Attention to work environmentEvery nurse should be attentive to the work environment and patient conditions at all times. This is a very important ethical principle in nursing. By attention to the environment, it includes safety hazards and the well-being of a patient.
CollaborationNurses cannot work alone. They collaborate with doctors, clinical officers, pharmacists, and many other health officials. They must acknowledge these collaborations for the well-being of the patient. They should ensure that there is proper communication with all the other involved parties.
Principle of totality and integrity                                                                                                                             When treating a patient, consider them. Ensure that you focus on them as a whole when dealing with medications, therapies, and any other procedures that they require. This includes ensuring that you know their past medical history and any other information that may be helpful during treatment.

Roles of a nurse

The main role of a nurse is to take care of people by supporting them in both illness and health. A nurse has many responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities of nurses include;

  • Patient care – A nurse acts as a caregiver to all patients. Nurses are responsible for managing physical needs, prevention of sicknesses, and treatment of health conditions. A nurse must follow the treatment of a patient and act with the patient's best interest at heart. The care given by a nurse extends past the administration of medicine. They must cover the patient's psychological, cultural, spiritual, developmental, and other needs.
  • Patient education and support – It is also nurses' work to ensure that patients understand their health, medications, treatments, and illnesses. The importance of this is to give patients the knowledge to control their treatments when they are discharged. A nurse must take time to explain to the patient and their caregiver about their condition and what to do to overcome it faster.
  • Planning of care – Nurses are involved in decision-making regarding the treatment of patients. They must assess the patients properly for all the potential problems to provide proper treatment and medications. A nurse must be familiar with the patient's situation before administering any medication to them and before any referrals.
  • Patient advocacy – As stated above, a patient is the priority of a nurse. Therefore, the role of a nurse is to ensure that they advocate for the best interests of a patient. This includes ensuring that all suggestions regarding patients and their health issues are taken care of.