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TopicAssignment-Solving Services
Descriptive epidemiology- Analysis of epidemiological data
- Interpreting descriptive statistics
- Identifying patterns and trends

Analytic epidemiology- Conducting case-control studies
- Performing cohort studies
- Investigating risk factors

Epidemiology of infectious diseases- Assessing disease transmission
- Analyzing outbreak investigations
- Examining control measures

Epidemiology of chronic diseases- Exploring disease prevalence
- Investigating risk factors
- Analyzing disease progression

Epidemiology and public health - Assessing population health status
- Evaluating public health programs
- Examining health disparities

Epidemiology and nursing - Applying epidemiological concepts
to nursing practice
- Evaluating nursing interventions
- Investigating nursing outcomes

Epidemiology of cancer - Analyzing cancer incidence rates
- Assessing cancer risk factors
- Examining cancer prevention efforts

Epidemiological study designs - Exploring different study designs
- Assessing strengths and limitations
of study designs

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