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Neonatal physiologyWe deal with the study of the normal functioning and processes of the neonate's body systems
Neonatal assessmentWe help with the evaluation and examination of the physical, developmental, and physiological aspects of a newborn
Neonatal congenital anomaliesIdentification and understanding of birth defects or abnormalities in newborns
Neonatal medicationsStudy of medications used in the treatment and management of various conditions in neonates
Neonatal emergencies Handling and management of critical situations and medical emergencies in neonatal care
Neonatal bonding and attachment Exploring the emotional connection and relationship between caregivers and newborns
Neonatal nutrition Understanding and providing appropriate nutritional support for neonates' growth and development
Neonatal jaundiceDiagnosis, monitoring, and management of jaundice, a common condition in newborns

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