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Small-Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics
Quantitative Physiology Organ Transport Systems
Introduction to Neuroscience
Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering
Sensation And Perception
Principles of Medical Imaging
Biological Chemistry II
Speech Communication
Chemicals in the Environment Toxicology and Public Health
Principles of Pharmacology
Music Perception and Cognition
Brain Structure and Its Origins
Systems Microbiology
Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
Molecular Principles of Biomaterials
Computation for Biological Engineers
Cell-Matrix Mechanics
Molecular Biology
Introductory Biology
Mechanisms of Drug Actions
Introduction to Neuroscience
Biological Chemistry I
General Biochemistry
Chemistry of Biomolecules I
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis
Magnetic Resonance Analytic, Biochemical, and Imaging Techniques
Drugs and the Brain