Which are 12 of the Essential Nursing Case Studies You Can Choose from?

The medical field is extensive, with nursing being one of the critical categories. If you are interested in this field, it will do you good to understand some of the courses and case studies you can undertake to get your career off the ground. Nursing is a subsection of the medical sector, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right career path to follow in such a broad industry. The information in this article will guide you on twelve critical case studies to help you understand where your preferences lie. Read them keenly to get a clearer glimpse of the path to take.

Nutrition Fundamentals

Nutrition is a crucial consideration in your life. As a nurse, you must understand the top nutrition for humans, as explained in this course. This undertaking will help you know more about the basics of therapeutic application and your roles and responsibilities in this patient care facet. Fortunately, you can enrol in a Science Sequence Course if you do not meet the course's prerequisites. The main advantage you get from studying this course is a deeper understanding of nutrition and its relationship to family and individual health.

The Integration of Microbiology and Cell Biology in association with Recitation

Microbiology and cell biology may sound like complicated subjects, but they are not, as long as you know what you are supposed to study. These studies will create a substantial foundation for understanding the processes involved in pathological cells. You will also explore the functioning and structuring of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, membrane transportation, cell division, and genetic information flow, among other subjects. You will also get to examine the role human cells and microbes play in infectious illnesses and general health. You can apply cell biology and microbiology knowledge to help you have a better grasp of advanced processes, such as the cellular cancer basis and human infectious health conditions.

Sleeping Patterns.

As a nurse, you must understand all about the best sleeping patterns. To understand this subject better, it is essential to be keen on it as a critical nursing case study. Sleep is an integral part of the pathophysiology and the outcomes of varying health conditions and their remedies. Moreover, you will also learn about the different sleep disorders and their effects on general human health. The main aim of this nursing case study is to prepare learners for the critical role they play in comprehensively caring for patients. The course also includes a 14-hour fieldwork session that allows you to interact with different individuals suffering from sleep-related conditions, such as insomnia.

Embracing Self-Care for Chronic Illnesses.

In this study, you will be able to examine the history, predictions, definitions, and results of self-care among people with chronic conditions. Additionally, you will explore all the factors influencing self-care, which will impact more knowledge on the same subject. You will also be exposed to fieldwork that boosts your skills and understanding of the prevention of chronic diseases and how better such patients can embrace self-care.

The Necessary Nursing Practice for PLWHIV.

HIV/AIDS is one of the top life-threatening health conditions in the current generation. There are several ways to contract this disease, the first being unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. That is why this case study is essential in the nursing sector. Here, you will gather more knowledge and experience in caring for people living with HIV (PLWHIV). You will undertake various seminars and hands-on clinical explanations from experienced nurses on different matters. Such may include infection control, managing HIV symptoms, professional condition assessment, educating the patients, and analyzing cultural, social, political, and ethical data regarding this disease.


The study on cancer is an entire topic, considering the many cancer types that different patients are dealing with in the current generation. The case study on this subject allows you to diagnose and understand more about cancer management and aetiology. As a nursing student, you will be exposed to detailed information about cancer treatment, diagnosis, survivorship, and death. You can expect to hone your skills in clinical observation and go through a series of other studies to help you understand the experiences of cancer patients and their families.

Palliative Care Principles.

Palliative care entails handling patients with severe health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and permanent physical injuries. In this study, you go through interdisciplinary collaborations to better understand proper family and patient assessment and plan and evaluate palliative and end-life care for different people in varying medical settings. Moreover, you get to experience first-hand tutoring from other course contents that play material roles in helping you assess patients' and caregivers' psychological and spiritual responses in the advanced illness trajectory.

Home-Based Care.

The main aim of this case study is to examine and dictate the significant home care aspects, covering both acute and long-term care. In this undertaking, you will have an opportunity to explore different matters regarding the subject. Such may include managing severe conditions at home, advanced delivery systems, ethical, legal, and policy considerations, and the modern trends and improvements in at-home health care.

Examining Opioid Use Disorder.

There has been an increased use of opioids as pain relievers among many people. Nevertheless, some do not understand the consequences of misusing substances like morphine and fentanyl. In this case study, you will look at excessive opioid use from a nursing point of view. As a student, you must study all the risk factors associated with opioid overdose, the neurophysiology part of the subject, and the recurring diagnoses. Other matters that frame opioid disorder include the sociocultural, legal, policy, and historical implications, which you can also expect to learn in this case study. Additionally, students in this nursing discipline get a clearer glimpse of how stigma affects the general care for opioid use disorder. Generally, the case covers research and literature analysis and field observation of the experiences of the biopsychosocial needs of individuals with opioid use disorder.

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior at Work.

The number of aggressive behaviour cases has escalated in the healthcare industry. As a nursing student, you should know how to handle such instances, which is the precise education you get from this study. The critical lessons in this study include proper assessment, prevention, response, and treatment of aggressive behaviour in patients, yourself, and your colleagues, and the consequences to yourself and others.


A mother’s milk is the optimal meal for newborns and infants. Classroom and fieldwork experiences will educate you further on this content, including your nurse role to counsel and guide the breastfeeding family and a detailed examination of the human lactation anatomy and physiology.

Current World’s Health Communication.

Communication in the current health sector ranges from word-of-mouth to leveraging digital platforms, technological interventions, and mass media campaigns. One of the areas you can anticipate following health communication interventions include disease prevention and health promotion. In this case study, you will learn about different communication strategies and effectively use them to improve personal and general population health. Some critical subjects in this course will help you understand the design, evaluation, and theory of various communication programs within the health sector. Your teacher will also explain the reviews and critics of different health communication strategies and emphasis on new communication channels, especially leaning toward modern technology.


The nursing industry is broad, with so many topics and subjects to cover. That means you should be psychologically prepared before joining this industry. There are several study cases to undertake in this extensive career, but twelve main ones are explained above. The main aim of such studies is to ensure smooth integration between nurses, patients, and other personnel in the health sector. It may take some time to grasp everything, which is why many nursing institutions create long learning periods for their students.

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