As a nursing student, you need to understand the subjects you are taught. How do you ensure you get this right? Take advantage of the assignments as they help you determine whether or not you can respond to the questions asked, or even come up with the needed information or hold a discussion regarding a particular topic. Assignments in BSC nursing are not new, as your professor or instructor will no doubt expose you to them. They do this either mid-way through the topic or after you are done. The beauty of these assignments is that they help prepare you for becoming a registered nurse. So, having an idea of what to expect can help go a long way. Below are the 13 most common assignments in BSC Nursing and the guidelines you can follow.

Fundamental Communication Skills in Nursing

The assignments here usually come in the form of essays. Therefore, you will need to reference your work in the end. Under this topic, you can be asked why effective personal communication is a key skill in nursing. So, how should you answer?

You can respond to it by outlining a communication theory related to nursing. Also, you can identify two essential communication skills in building a rapport and then further analyze their value. Importantly, your essay should answer the question and be supported by evidence. Also, referencing the sources can help you support your answer. Don't forget you are doing the academic style.

Nonetheless, your essay should be balanced such that two-thirds comprises a detailed analysis. Another important thing not to forget is how you structure the essay from the introduction to the conclusion. Put it in a way that guides your reader through. Before you submit, ensure you proofread to confirm the terminologies and grammar is on point.

Professional Identity

Nurses need to establish their status in society. They can do this by protecting the public image of their profession. However, there are still stereotypes despite the efforts they put in. Therefore, the true nature of nursing is masked, and the nurses' professional identity is challenged.

As a student, you may encounter a question related to stereotypes. Your professor may require you to discuss how the professional identity of nursing is affected by its public image. How do you go about this?

You can begin by talking about the professional identity of nursing. What does it mean? Ensure you outline this. Moreover, you can give an example of how the media portrays a stereotype of nursing. Further, you can explain how the media's representation challenges the professional identity of nursing.

Since this is a matter of concern, ensure you give suggestions on what you feel should be done to improve the professional identity of nursing.

Once again, support your essay with related references from different publications and articles.

The Good Nurse

Have you ever wondered what being a good nurse entails? There could be one value that makes you one. Therefore, as an assessment, your professor may require you to first respond to the question, "what makes a good nurse?" Next, he may need you to pick a single attribute, value, or behavior portrayed by a good nurse. Further, you may need to discuss how you have developed and demonstrated this value/behavior/ attribute in your practice. Sounds like a heavy task there.

You can respond to such a question by briefly outlining the values, behaviors, and attributes expected of a good nurse. You can go ahead and choose one and explain it. Moreover, you can show how other stakeholders, such as colleagues and clients, view your chosen value, behavior, or attribute.

Since these values are set standards, you can assess your potential concerning these standards. If you learn or observe anything about the value, you've chosen during your practice, ensure to discuss it. Lastly, don't mention the effects of learning this value, behavior, or attribute to your practice.

Long-Term Conditions

Under this topic, you may be required to assess how effective one approach is for self-management of specific long-term conditions (LTC). You can analyze self-management principles, realized benefits, and potential challenges.

When responding to such essays, ensure you outline the key self-management principle. You can then connect it with wider initiatives and policies. Also, you should choose and outline the pathophysiology of a long-term condition and the patient's social, physiological, and physical needs.

Additionally, you should use relevant sources to discuss the benefits and challenges of using the one approach in self-management concerning the LTC you have chosen. Don't forget to recommend how the self-management approach is used in long-term conditions. Your summary is incomplete without this important bit.

Once you are done, proofread and correct any grammar or terminology mistakes; you may have a committee in the course of writing the academic essay. Accuracy is key in BSC nursing, and never should you ignore this.

Core Values, Knowledge & Skills for Mental Health Nursing

Have you ever used a mental assessment tool? There are high chances you have in the course of your practice. Therefore, your instructor may require you to give a detailed analysis of how you used it and carry on with the analysis to assess how useful the tool is. How do you respond to this sample assessment?

You can begin by having an overview of the impact of mental illness on individuals and their families. Having briefly given this overview, you can link it to the need for a mental health assessment tool.

Since your professor requires you to give your encounter with the tool, you should describe in detail the context in which you deployed this assessment tool and how you established your professionalism.

Remember to reference your analysis with related academic literature on mental health. In your conclusion, have a backed-up recommendation on the assessment tool and mention whether or not it has any implications in your further practice.

Safety in Adult Nursing Care

As a nursing student, you may have interacted with a vulnerable adult client during your practice. Therefore, based on this experience, your professor or instructor may require you to analyze the proper approach toward medicine management and the probable or actual patient safety risks involved.

When responding to such, base your essay on risks on medicine management and administration, as well as self-management of medication. They range from adherence, concordance and crushing tablets, and so on. Importantly, don't forget to mention the vulnerable adult patients who include those suffering from confusion, dementia, physical disabilities, mental health issues, unconsciousness, stroke, Parkinson's Disease e.t.c

In your case study, ensure your introduction outlines what you are talking about and its importance. After the introduction comes the major part of the essay, where you outline your adult client's situation, the specific vulnerabilities and related risks, and how you managed your client and maintained safety.

In your conclusion, have evidence-based recommendations on medicine management with vulnerable clients. If this has implications for your future practice, add it to the conclusion.

Person-Centred Communication

 Your essay may be for you to outline the communication strategies a person with a disability can use with others; family members, friends, caregivers, or their partners. How do you tackle such?

It would be best if you had several barriers to communication, such as individuals and those they communicate face. Explore these factors extensively. Moreover, you should include several approaches that can come in handy to assess the needs of these individuals with learning disabilities.

As a nurse, you need to know these individuals, and this calls for building a relationship. How do you do this? Include that as well in your essay. If there are other alternative communication approaches you can employ to know the individuals better, ensure you outline them too.

Other people's values and beliefs about people with learning disabilities impact their communication effectiveness. So, explore this area in your essay. If there are support services designed to help promote effective communication with such persons, talk about the same.

What should you have in your conclusion? Briefly identify how you can monitor how the communication strategies are implemented and how to determine whether they will be successful.

Complex Presentations in Mental Health Care

A sample assignment may require you to write an essay that examines and critiques an intervention with a client with issues related to complex mental health. In your essay, you should show you are knowledgeable and understand the related concepts per the module.

How should you structure such an assignment? Your introduction can have what you aim at in the essay, such as the intervention you will explore and the rationale behind its selection. Also, give your reader its context, and you can discuss how common the complex mental health issue the intervention addresses is.

As you explain the intervention, be clear. Why is this important? It helps convince your reader that you understand what you are talking about. Moreover, for your essay to be balanced, ensure you have both strengths and weaknesses of the intervention.

Remember to include related references in the essay and as a part of your conclusion, bring out the main points of what you consider important regarding the intervention.

Exploring The Nurse Patient/Client Partnership

You may get an assignment that requires you to write an essay reflecting and exploring the clinical instances where nurses and other healthcare professionals interact or have discussions with their clients (the patients). In this essay, ensure you pay attention to the specific aspects of their discussions, such as the language and terminology used and how they represent the nurse's behavior, attitude, and values. Besides, ensure you discuss how this influences the relationship between the nurse and the patient/client.

Nonetheless, let your essay reflect on what implications such interactions have on the nurse's practice. What's more, if there is something of importance you can apply in your future practice from the same, ensure you discuss it.

Notably, be sure to leave an example of a discussion between a nurse and a patient you observed in the appendix section of your essay. Once again, reference your essay with related academic literature and other recent health disciplines. Don't submit your assignment without proofreading.

Communication in Adult Nursing Practice

You need to express your communication skills as a nurse in practice. Thankfully, there is a topic that helps you understand that. You can get a related assignment to help you determine whether you are knowledgeable enough on the same. For instance, you may be required to write one that reflects your communication skills in practice. The key thing is to use the modules as a source of the concepts you will use to respond to such a question.

For instance, you can link your points to the module and show how you can safely communicate with patients and be effective. As expected, it won't always be smooth. Rather, you may get involved in complex and challenging situations with your client. Thankfully, effective communication can be of help.

Moreover, you can discuss your practice's positive and negative aspects. You can also make recommendations regarding your future practice. Whatever reflections you have in the essay, ensure you have their pieces of evidence. Therefore, reference and proofread your work before you submit it.

Principles of Effective Care Delivery

This is another area of physical and mental health you can get assignments from. Your professor or instructor will give you a timeline on when to submit your essay. Some of the questions you can come across will cover the contemporary care delivery models available, service delivery, and an evaluation to enhance mental health recovery. On the other hand, your assignment may involve nursing management and leadership, risk management, promoting service users' mental and physical needs, and clinical supervision for quality care and performance.

Regardless of the specific area tested, your instructor may give you a reference list earlier. With this provision, you can research from the sources provided, gather knowledge and learn, then write your essay. Also, you can reference other readable sources you can find. The reference is important to help support your essay.

To be safe from grammar, definition, and other similar mistakes, ensure you proofread your work before submitting it.

Ethical Principles in Nursing Practice

Ethical issues are arising in different fields, and nursing is no exception. Therefore, you may be required to write an essay discussing the ethical decisions or actions in nursing practice. If this is the case, you must choose an ethical decision or action to focus on in the essay. Remember, it could be from observation, on an area of interest from the recent media reports, or you can make it yourself.

The ethical decision or action you focus on could have either a positive or negative outcome. If you are to work in groups, ensure you consult with the facilitator to suggest which one to take. What are some of the things you should cover in the essay? They include; the ethical and legal issues arising in nursing practice, the course of action the involved health officials in the issues can take, and the arguments either supporting or disputing the actions.

Nonetheless, the essay should have an ethically sound decision in the end. If you have any recommendations on what should take place instead, include them in your conclusion.

Personal Philosophy For Nursing

In this topic, you may be given the assignment to write an essay on philosophy for nursing that can guide your future practice. Well, how do you maneuver around this? As a BSC Nursing student, you look forward to a point when you will be registered, and you no doubt have a certain vision. What exactly is it? You can explain all these in your essay. Also, how do you individually interpret nursing? What does it mean to you as a person? Include this as well.

Moreover, discuss some of your values and beliefs about your nursing career. You may also consider your role in nursing as a practitioner or what they mean. Also, why not include the tension between the service priorities and the patient and how well they can be addressed personally?

Remember, you should back up your essay with nursing literature and other appropriate references. You are developing into a professional nurse so express that knowledge.


Nursing students have a lot to learn, writing reports and exams. On the other hand, professors and instructors also do their part to avail the modules and any beneficial and important reference links for more information. Therefore, a student can take advantage of these. Also, if you are a BSC nursing student, there are assignments you can make good use of them to gauge yourself and your level of understanding. If you feel like there is still more knowledge and information you need to discover, utilize the available related resources.

Nonetheless, your professors or instructors may have different rules regarding their assessments. However, when you go through them early and know what is expected of you, there's nothing to worry about. These 13 common assignments in the BSC nursing list are a great starting point.

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